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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Jun 18, 2022

Christine is a serialpreneur and love the rush of business but it took her a while to understand how to manage it all. A healthy business and a flourishing private life didn’t seem possible to her at first. 

She is also a mother of a beautiful daughter and of 4 fur babies (3 kitties and 1 cutest ever sausage dog).

"So getting everything organised has been a must each time I left for a few days or even a couple of weeks. And in 2019 that was no less than 15 times . . . So I get it when it comes to organising pick ups, food, homework, pet meds, after school activities, dog walks, etc, etc . . . it can be a lot! Even though I had to cut back thanks to “ the rona” I still traveled for my own pleasure whenever I could. And I’ve got to say I have truly nailed the process. By now, I rarely, if ever, check my phone and I know my team has it handled and I get back without piles of stuff to do whipping all traces of relaxation out of me."

"Finally I want to share my belief with you that we should do our best to live a life worth inspiring others. Whether that is our children or aspiring business owners: self-prioritisation is key for a balanced business and private life and a strong mental health. So instead of being a slave to our business, let’s powerfully grasp the freedom we have in our businesses and demonstrate that by walking the walk . . . now that is being a role model. So I am inviting you to join me in that."


You can learn more about Chrisitine via her website and connect with her on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram

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