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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Jun 30, 2019

Caitlin is the founder of Be more adaptive, a mother, a model and an athlete. Is the first Female Amputee Boxer in the US and is also a Spartan Para Elite World Champion becoming the first to do so.

You can learn more about Caitlin by visiting her website and you can connect with him through 

Jun 23, 2019

Brian R. King, MSW grew up with undiagnosed ADHD and Dyslexia. Being mercilessly bullied by peers and some teachers, he grew up believing he was worthless.

However, despite this, he has managed to write 5 books and give dozens of presentations throughout the world on the topics ADHD, Asperger’s, parenting and...

Jun 16, 2019


D'artanyon Crockett is a 2x Paralympian in Judo and Inspirational speaker, in 2012 he took a bronze in London and again a bronze in Rio in 2016.

You can learn more about D'artanyan by connecting with him through Facebook

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Jun 9, 2019

You feel guilty when you don't quite live up to someone else expectations. However, as I did, you don't have to agree with people when they have a road mapped out for you even when they have your best intentions at heart.

For me, that was my aunt and uncle telling me that I should get a 'real job', but I saw a different...

Jun 2, 2019

Corey Corpodian is the host of unleash success podcast and author of emotional fitness.

He grew up playing football and basketball in high school. Sports took a back seat while he went to dental school and orthodontic residency.

Later he took that into men’s physique where he won first place in his first competition....