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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Nov 2, 2021

Scott was diagnosed with bone cancer when he was just 14 years old which resulted in the loss of his right leg above the knee.
When he would hop around the house without his prosthetic leg, his mother gave him the nickname "Thumper".
Since his cancer diagnosis and loss of his right leg, he has gone on to become the first above-knee amputee to play in a professional basketball game and also co-founded a nonprofit, ABI, which hosts benefit charity basketball games wot help kids with cancer and their families.
He has been awarded Community Hero, Fox 4 Hometown Hero, CBS 11 Texan with Character, AFLAC Duckprint Award, Camp Sanguinity Counselor of the Year, and many others.
In September 2018, it was Scott's 20th Year of Remission from his cancer.

He has spoken to Thousands of Kids and People all over the United States to share his story and testimony. He has the heart to serve others with everything he does and continues to show people 'Not What He Has Done But What God Has Done In His Life'.

His mission is to give people hope through his story in hopes it will plant a seed or strengthen their relationship with Christ.
You can learn more about Scott via his website and connect with her on Instagram

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