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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Oct 25, 2020

The past seven years have been a deep dive into personal development for Thane Marcus Ringler.

The object of that development began as the arena of professional golf with the subject of that development being yours truly. During his golf career, he left no stone unturned in regards to maximizing his human potential.

This ceaseless striving led to a strong grasp of the process involved in producing his best work, whether that be within an office, sweating in the gym, or for the business he is creating.

Since professional golf, his aim has been to come alongside others in their word and lives, to empower them to maximize their potential.

In the episode we discussed:

- Intentionality vs Intentions 

- What's it like going from being a professional golfer to becoming a coach, speaker and author?

- How did you keep faith when you didn't make the PGA Tour?

- 'There are no free lunches'


- How do we stay hopeful in 2020?

Amongst others

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