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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Oct 10, 2020

In one moment, Robert was in the best day of his life, competing for the collegiate rugby national championship. In the next moment, his life changed forever. Robert suffered a spinal cord injury in the first minutes of the game and found himself face down in the turf unable to move anything below his neck. His doctor told him he would never walk or move his hands for the rest of his life. Through an unbreakable vision and relentless determination, Robert is defying the odds. He has graduated from UC Berkeley, is winning the fight to walk again, and is sharing his method of how he overcomes quadriplegia.

In the episode we talked about:

- I'm assuming that rugby wasn't the first sport you took part in?

- How long did it take to get your head around not being able to throw the ball forward?

- Were there any times you were resentful for what had happened to you?

- How do you think Major League Rugby (MLR) will fair?

- Do you think education is key? Because rugby came before American Football.

- Do you think USA Rugby can ever be a dominant power within the game of ruby?

- Have you ever contemplated doing Quad Rugby/ Murderball/ Wheelchair Rugby?

Amongst others

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