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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Jul 18, 2020

Amy is a Great Britain Paralympic Taekwondo athlete who has qualified for the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Games. Tokyo will be her first games and the sport of Para-Taekwondo will be making it's maiden debut at the Paralympics.

"It's your ability not your disability that matters"

In the episode we spoke about:

- How did she get into Taekwondo?

- Did you ever think at 8 years old, you would ever be where you are now?

- What was it like dealing with lockdown as a current athlete?

- How did you stay motivated?

- What sort of emotion does it bring you being knowing this will be your first Paralympics?

- How inspirational was London 2012 for you?

- What athlete, died or live would you like to sit down with and why?

amongst others

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