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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Jun 2, 2019

Corey Corpodian is the host of unleash success podcast and author of emotional fitness.

He grew up playing football and basketball in high school. Sports took a back seat while he went to dental school and orthodontic residency.

Later he took that into men’s physique where he won first place in his first competition. After going to nationals he was working towards his pro card when he was diagnosed with skin cancer.

"That really was a life-changing experience. I hit rock bottom and had to find a way to make my life better. After diving deep into personal development I realized that our mindset is the ultimate key to success. But for me it was deeper than just mindset, I applied what I learned from physical fitness to my mind and developed my emotional fitness."

Once he learned emotional fitness within six months he doubled his income while working less, bought his dream beach house, was happier than ever and meant the love of his life.

"Funny when I said I was happier, people didn’t listen, but when I bought the beach house and doubled my income/ they wanted to know how."

So he has written a book about emotional fitness recently and it’s releasing June 20th

You can learn more about Corey by visiting her website and you can connect with him through Instagram

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