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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Apr 20, 2018

In today's episode of the mind set game podcast, I sat down with Andres Valdes.

He has been a US diplomat for over 12 years so he's acquired vast international leadership and management experience. he speaks multiple languages and he has led teams as small as 2 to as large as 200 in 8 countries. Now he is a part-time entrepreneur using his international experience along with his personal story of overcoming financial, academic, and family setbacks to inspire motivated individuals through his keynote speaking, writing and advising.

Not forgetting he has written for the Everyday Power Blog, Thrive Global, and Medium. He has also spoken to corporate staff, students, and mastermind groups and finally but not least he is also a lecturer at the Leadership School.

His one-sentence summary of his book: "Brainwashed into believing I was disadvantaged because of family, financial, and educational circumstances, I eventually realized those same setbacks could be turned into an advantage once I started leading myself by choice instead of by chance. Looking back over my life, I identified 7 specific decisions I made and that anyone can make to help them live with more purpose, passion, and perseverance."


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