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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Dec 30, 2018

Phil White is an Emmy-nominated writer and the co-author of Waterman 2.0 with Dr Kelly Starrett, and Game Changer with Fergus Connolly, who I interview on episode 130. He is also a frequent contributor to The Inertia and SUP the Mag.

The book, The 17hr Fast: Rest Your Eating to Revitalize Your Life (US) and (UK) which he co-authored with Dr Frank Merritt has an inspiring story even though it has a tragic end with Frank’s friend dying of cancer but getting him to promise that he would share the benefits of fasting that Jason (Frank's friend) put into practice to stave off cancer for 6 years.

No worse on performance, even though Phil thought it would be worse and significantly worse at that. "A 16,17,18hr fast can actually boost Growth hormone and testosterone in men."

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