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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Aug 25, 2019


At 22 fresh out of the Marine Corps, he landed his first straight sales job, and for 20 years he learned what it took to be successful in sales, business & life.

At that youthful age, he thought he knew enough to survive in one of the toughest professions in the world (Being a Sales Professional), he quickly realized...

Aug 18, 2019

Richard is the owner of the strong and lean academy; coaching professional Women to quit fad dieting as well as the host of the Strong and Lean Podcast.

Diet = a painful journey. But actually, it doesn’t have to be.
"Strong Body, Strong Mind. Lean Body, Lean Life."

You can find out more about Richard by visiting...

Aug 11, 2019

Danielle coach's high-performance athletes how to leverage their concussion symptoms for max performance and a better life.

"Slow down, disconnect and find what works best for you, your emotions and your brain health"

If you've walked in and out of the neurologist's office and it feels like they couldn't grasp the...

Aug 4, 2019


Rajan is a problem solver and life consultant and the basis of his teachings were formed while living a life of serious personal discipline and training for 12 years as a traditional Hindu monk in a cloistered monastery. He was trained by one of Hinduism’s foremost spiritual leaders of our time

You can learn more...