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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Nov 4, 2018

Celeste is on a mission to help others start Building More than Just a Body by emphasizing the importance of self-love, confidence, mindset, wellness development, behaviour change modification planning, and long-term success strategies all coming together with the proper training and nutrition programs. She is on a mission to help others be, achieve, and have anything they desire in life which she believes is 100% possible with the proper focus and mindset.

She believes everyone deserves to embody and radiate confidence in who they truly are, every day. Not forgetting she is also the host of CONFESSIONS OF A BIKINI PRO PODCAST

If you missed her previous episode you can listen to it here.

In this episode, we discussed the unhealthy relationship with food (binging, overeating, over-restricting, avoidance, punishment, guilt, not knowing how to find a balance, etc.)?

-Body image (seeing your body differently than it really is—i.e. like a balloon)?
-Feeling confident in your skin as you begin building muscle and getting your health back even when that means more fat begins to come back?
-Setting new goals and creating a new identity now that you are no longer on prep?

You can learn more about Celeste via her website and by connecting through her Social Media

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