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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Apr 2, 2020

Aren is a fulltime property investor, part time podcaster & personal trainer, Aren is someone who has had to deal with adversity & anxiety the majority of his life.

Forced into careers, he had no desire to ever be part of, he is now financially free to control his own life & pursue his own passion projects.
The first is the Find Your Voice Podcast which shares stories of adversities from other people, in the hope that listeners can take away the messages & change their own lives by regaining control of it, eliminating excuses & growing their mindset.

An advocate for mental health & the importance of physical health too, he has recently continued his entrepreneurial journey with his wife in their new venture HealthXcel.

HealthXcel is an empowering brand aimed to educate you daily through its superfood blends, nutritional plans, gym programs & so much more. They are striving to make as many lives not only happier each & everyday but educating them along the way by putting the odds in their “flavour” through their superfood blend products & content.


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