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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Nov 22, 2020

Kelly see's herself as a disruptor; therefore she doesn't have the same take as most in the mindset industry and is happy to talk about it from that perspective even if it makes people uncomfortable.
"Which I see as a benefit!"
She talks openly about her personal journey including sexual abuse, an eating disorder and PTSD so that others can feel validated and unashamed and see how mindset work is what helps you defy statistics.
In the episode we spoke about:
- What harm does the "Social Dilemma" create for the subconscious?
- How dangerous is "Social Status" in the form of social media?
- Creating a new "Normal"
- From a clinical perspective what is the difference between the brain and the mind?
- Advancement of "The Heroes Journey"
- The hard truth of convenience
- Vini, Vidi, Vici (I came, I saw, I conquered)
- Radical Responsibility
amongst many others

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