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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Dec 21, 2022

After dealing with the effects of tick-borne Lyme disease for years, Bucks County native James Calcagni was inspired to help others battling their own health struggles.

In February, the Temple University grad founded Liquid Limbs, a prosthetic device company designed to improve mobility for those with lower leg amputations. Dubbed the “Navigator,” Liquid Limbs’ patent-pending prototype consists of a nonslip foot, side handle and shin plate. The goal of the product is to offer stability for people walking or showering without their everyday prosthetic, which often cannot get wet because of the metal materials in them.

So far Liquid Limbs has secured $21,000 in winnings from pitch competitions, including a second-place finish in Temple’s Be Your Own Boss Bowl in April. The CEO of the early stage startup was recently named one of the top innovators in Philadelphia under the age of 25 by Philadelphia Business Journal, and is now looking to secure additional funding to help with the manufacturing and launch costs of the company’s flagship product.

You can learn more about James via his website and connect with him on Linkedin, Youtube and Instagram


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