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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Nov 4, 2022

Ryan is the current Miami Marlins’ Triple A Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp catcher.
A Yale University graduate, Ryan was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in 2008 where he won a World Series in 2013. Since making his Major League Baseball debut in 2011, Ryan has played in parts of 10
seasons with eight different Major League Baseball teams.
Ryan has also been a member of the Israeli national baseball team at multiple points in his career. Ryan first played for Team Israel at the 2017 World Baseball Classic and was named Pool A MVP He then rejoined the team for the 2020 Olympics.
Ryan served as a guest lecturer for a class titled “Baseball as Philosophy” at Harvard University.
He has also been invited to speak at Yale Law School, Kent State University, the Indianapolis Public School Leadership Summit, and numerous Jewish community centers and Temples across the United
After being a professional athlete for a large part of his life, Ryan has developed numerous attributes that have allowed him to be successful in his endeavors both on and off the field.
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