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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Nov 28, 2021

At 14, Ashley was paralyzed in a horrible car wreck that took the life of her father, physically disabled her mother, and injured her younger sister.

That one moment transformed her entire world, but it did not dampen her spirit.

In 2010,  Ashley  had to have life-or-death surgery for a pressure sore, due to being paralyzed from  the car accident , followed by a long recovery of endless bed rest.

Eight of those weeks were spent in a nursing home where she was forced to lay on her back 24/7—to eat, take pills and go to the bathroom.

She wasn't allowed to sit up. 

She was confined to a special, medical bed. 

Through mindfulness, meditation and appreciation of the present moment, she  was able to control her perception and find eternal peace in a stereotypical unpleasant environment

She is writer, educational speaker and she loves to travel. In 2006, she launched wheelchairtraveling. com as a resource for others with disabilities.

Today about 25,000 people each month visit for accessible travel information.

She has tons of travel adventure stories to discuss, including solo trips to Japan and New Zealand and zip lining in Ecuador.

All while paralyzed!!!

Was recently featured on the “POSITIVE EXPOSURES Connects” virtual interview series, the Christopher and Dave Reeve Foundation website, Sandi Klein’s “Conversations With Creative Women”. and The Write Reflection 2021 winter newsletter.

She just finished her first book, "Confined to Align "

You can learn more about Ashley via her website and connect with her on Instagram

For more information about James Roberts (the host of the podcast), visit and connect with him on FacebookTwitter and Instagram