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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Aug 13, 2020

Matt Langridge is Olympic Champion from Rio 2016 in the Rowing mens eight. He is also a 4 x Olympian having competed at (Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016) as well as being a 3x Olympic medallist (Bejing -Silver, London -Bronze, Rio - Gold). Multiple World and European Champion and not forgetting a 2 x British record holder. But currently a trainee Pilot.

In the episode we spoke about:

- Why do you think that there still is a bias towards rowing?

- 'I was inspired by 1996 Olympics and went down and joined my local club'

- What's it like being in the blue ribbon event the coulees 4? With the history of Sir Steve Redgrave, Matt Pinsent and James Cracknell having gone before?

- Was the Athens 2004 Olympics a failure in your eyes?

- 'London 2012 was a mix'

- What's it like having the Olympic set?

- There is a honour role of medalist where GB Rowing are based: What went through your mind not seeing your name up on that wall?

- Why do you think Jurgen Grobler, GB Men's Head Coach has been so successful?

- Is there anything you miss from your hay-days?

- What poseist you to take back up the rowing machine during LOCKDOWN?

- What are some of the stories about altitude training?

- If Sierra Nevada was the worst training camp, what was your favourite?

- What was your favourite course to race at and why?

- What do you like about the Royal Henley Regatta both as a spectator and competitor?

- What athlete would you like to sit down with died or alive? and why?

- If you had to describe rowing to people outside of the sport, how would you describe it?

amongst others

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