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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Aug 7, 2020

David is an Alum of Texas Christian University (TCU), Class of 2020, former Offensive Tackle for the TCU Horn Frogs Football Team and the founder of Fades to Grades.

"David discovered the game later than most, so much raw talent", Gary Vaynerchuk, Vaynersports.

In the episode we spoke about:

- Why was your football journey different to others?

- He thought he would have to ride a horse like the hit TV Show 'Dallas' from a boy coming from West Africa

- Poetic about his description of football 

- Why do you have an Italian last name, when you are a kid from West Africa?

- 'You aren't everyone': Coach E, his High School Offensive Line Coach

- Did you know what a Horned Frog was before you to TCU?

- Being on the OL has taught him about 'Servant Leadership'

Do you think this mindset has set you up to deal with this pandemic? (This was recorded during Lockdown)

- 'Seeing past the facade'

- Natalie Butler said this best: "We judge others by ourselves" do you think this is true?

- 'I've been called the "N" word more time than I can count that have become numb to it'

- How did you come up with the concept "Fades to Grades"?

- Who would you like to sit down with athlete/coach died or alive? and why?

amongst others

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