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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Jul 1, 2020

Elliot Cockrell is the lead Sport Therapist at Plymouth Raiders, a professional basketball team in the British Basketball League (BBL), a personal trainer at Marjon University Plymouth's Sport and Health Centre. But not forgetting is also the founder of Machine Rehab.
In the episode we spoke about:
- How has his role evolved over the last 3 months?
- Detraining, has anyone brought this up? (There are many variations of this); but people have asked what can I do in this time (want to improve or feel like they have lost) but some of the questions have been; how do I improve my vertical high, improve my running time, recommendations to support a transition to a different type of training
- How do you create a stimulus with only access to a home gym or bodyweight?
- Strength is the best form of injury prevention
- The Copenhagen exercise prevents abductor injuries ("So let's bulletproof them")
- Cause for concern with shoulder issues
- Why are the back and rotator cuffs overlooked within training?
- Ethan Pace asked 'Is it productive or counter-productive to train while sore?'
- Why do people struggle with a deload phase? (Lowering of weight to help with sustainable results)
- Why runners and/or cyclists shouldn't increase their mileage by more than 10% a week
- Why is it a bad idea to foam roller the IT Band? (And what you should do instead)
Amongst others

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