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The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Oct 27, 2019

Lefty is a former member of The Harlem Globetrotter and 1st Left-Handed Showman in Globetrotter History. He is now the Co-Founder of The Harlem Dreams.

Not forgetting Lefty is also the co-founder of the Harold Lefty Williams DARE2DREAM Foundation, Inc., which equips youth with the tools necessary to not only hold onto their dreams, but to actively move forward in reaching them.

Lefty wants youths to know that his ceiling of achievements as a professional basketball player will be the floor on which they will stand in “platform-ing” their own achievements.

"Throughout your journey, throughout the course of life, doors will close, windows will close, some doors will close gently and some will be slammed in your face but you need to find a way to understand that a delay is just that, a delay is not a denial."

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